ZFT vs Zappanale: Gail Loses

Taken straight from Der Spiegel (and translated to English by yours truly):

His name belongs to me, thought Zappa widow Gail — and so she started a lawsuit against the music festival “Zappanale”, organized each year in his honor by a Fanclub. She has failed however to convince the Düsseldorf civil court.

Yay Zappanale! So. That was money well spent, wasn’t it Gail?

Here’s the article according to Google Translate, if you’re in for a laugh.
Update: here’s the article in English.

Hat tip: Robert Graf-Waczenski!

9 thoughts on “ZFT vs Zappanale: Gail Loses”

  1. [quote post=”913″]Hey…technically, the name DOES belong to her, you know.[/quote]

    Yes, but are we sure it ONLY belongs to her?

    Not this fellow, Anthony Steven Zappa – the Mall of America fugitive:


    Or this guy, Ricardo Zappa, the Milanese acoustic guitar virtuoso:


    Or even this fellow, Chris Zappa, a specialist in ocean-atmosphere interaction (“The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution” after all…):


  2. For the record: It’s Robert Graf-Waczenski (now). Robert Graf was the guy who married my wife fourteen years ago.

  3. i wish she would won ……….all a bunch a senfadoodels……………so what takes guts fighting in the courts of germany without knowing what
    the laws are for an older lady and her chances ……… wait a while and all be suing around the world lol gail just had to be the first one ….. as it usually goes with the zappas …… how ever one should take a look in the documentation os the zappandale and its dubious nonprofit tax returns …………. 🙂 love you all may the lord bless you folks

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