Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (1980)

This footage was filmed to be used on the movie “The Wall”, but it was not included later. I did not know of the existence of a live (filmed) recording like that, I would certainly like to see that on a DVD. The audio here was updated from “Is There Anybody Out There Live CD”.  Long, nice solos.

Author: Balint


4 thoughts on “Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (1980)”

  1. Remember the basic message: in countries with a bad education system ( such as for instance the US) education happens to a mind narrower. ” Another brick in the wall”.
    Thus : good to see that our EU edu systems are much better , in the best case they are mind openers for all. The UK was behind, it’s now recovering.
    Just to mention personal experience. When I was 13 I was into pop. I kew about FZ, for instance. Way back then my father forced me to join him in a 3 years course classical music ( for free at the local music academy). Later I discovered jazz, free jazz, etc etc. Yes : a mind opener, the FZ way.

  2. The last album I bought was ‘The Wall’ on double CD a couple of weeks back and I love it! Unfortunately, we’ll never see the classic line-up of Waters/Gilmours/Wright/Mason onstage ever again due to Rick’s death. And yes, the education system in England and the US is a mind narrower as Zappa himself knew….

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