5 thoughts on “Need A Bath?”

  1. Incredible photos and a real slice of Mother’s history. Some really great shots of Jeff Simmons, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, and Ian Underwood.

    Aside: Who else adored The Big Note, Barry? Myself, for one.

  2. Ah, yes, erm…….I know, “Watch this space”….oh, we did that in ’07….or was it ’06? “Keep watching this space”? Um, oh dear, what can I say……need more pills……help…….

  3. I just noticed…..if you click on the link Barry has put up to the rest of the Archive site, you will see that they have a find of the month, which this month happens to be new photos of Glastonbury 1979. Well, yes, and you may have guessed this by now, but I was indeed there. It was in fact the first Glastonbury festival where they charged you to get in (all the previous being free festivals…er, obviously. Doh!), and (therefore) the last one I attended. It came as somewhat of a surprise, I seem to remember, when we arrived and there was a fence, and official-type people taking money at the gate. Just didn’t seem right. And just look at Glastonbury today……. Where’s my pipe and slippers?

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