13 thoughts on “Pound For A Dweez”

  1. not to be contrary, but i wasn’t exactly overwhelmed. listening to it, i thought “hell I could do THAT.” which i believe i could. or did i miss something?

    it’s a damn nice riff to jam over though, the ZINY version always give me goose-bumps. and props to the dweez for keeping up the tradition. i happen to think this video doesn’t really show him off as well as some others. he’s definitely a ripper, no doubt.

  2. well I thought it was a great performance… given a lot more practice, one day he may be worthy to jam with Project/Object.

  3. Not bad, mainly because it’s a welcome change from all that hair metal shit he was obsessed with back in the 80’s.

  4. Yes, very good clip there. Dweezil is a great musician, no doubt, as are the players he has with him.

    I bought his latest solo cd last year, though, and it was very dissapointing. Not badly done, really, just not my cup of tea. I have to give him props for it being experimental, it just wasn’t my kind of weird. 😉

  5. I wasn;t exactly overwhelmed either, but the last two time I saw ZPZ Dweezil was really smokin’, greatly improved from the tour with Nappy and Vai. Seeing them Monday night, we’ll see what this new rig is doing for him.

  6. Really I thought that was a crap one… sounded like a rough not really knowing his way around the tune or vamp type practice.

    Dweezil can play very well, can get the goosebumps going in Yo Mama and all but he suffers from two problems…

    1) He does every solo to be like FZ copying inflections, approach, scales etc.. this makes him sound like a poor FZ.

    2) He plays way too long… even longer than FZ I am sure, and even when they aren’t going well.

    So in the end he comes off as a long winded FZ wanna be. So really what is the difference between him and someone really lame like Hendrix immitator Randy Hanson…

  7. I find D.’s soloing style rather uninteresting: no rythmic tension in relation to the accompaning groove, just noodling randomly, falling back into the old fake quarter note triplet feel and finger gymnastic type patterns after a short while into a solo, the solos have no formal structure. Boring. No comparison to FZ’s art of soloing.


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