10 thoughts on “1997 Captain Beefheart Documentary”

  1. Great documentary indeed. At one point in this documentary a man says he was blown away by the band and the way the concert kicked off. It seems like there is no video footage available of a full Beefheart peformance (perhaps The Dark Footage)?

  2. That was great. Andy Hollinden showed a clip of that in his 70’s and 80’s rock history course, the excerpt dealing with ‘Trout Mask’ specifically, so it was awesome seeing the whole thing.

    Man! If that’s what Beefheart looked like in 1997…

  3. Thanks, Barry. I never tire of this documentary, no matter how many times it is posted. Beefheart is the real thing.

  4. JCB: “Frank’s GOOD, but Don’s the REAL THING!”

    He said the exact same words when he was here at IU last year. I am so glad I got to meet him.

  5. He is battling multiple sclerosis. I don’t mean to sound morbid, but given how secluded he is I don’t know if he died whether or not we’d find out right away. He lives with his wife and paints.

  6. He may be private but he’s far from ‘reclusive’, in fact, he is a prolific phone conversationalist and is in touch with old Magic Band members like Gary Lucas and “luminaries” like Billy Bob Thorton, I think he even helped with the lyrics for a recent Morris Tepper song, he’s just not interested in selling or performing.
    Though re:Don’s health, not to downgrade the seriousness of MS because if he does have it, it’s a terrible shame but his health has always been a source of controversy and he is a well-known hypochondriac. Then again, that could just be wishfull thinking…

  7. Don lives!
    Yes, excellent documentary. Thanks for the post.
    Homer likes donuts and Capt. Beefheart.

  8. I disagree with JCB – both Frank and Don were excellent and unique, but Frank was greater musically.

  9. [quote comment=”2507″]I disagree with JCB – both Frank and Don were excellent and unique, but Frank was greater musically.[/quote]

    Of course, Frank was the greater of the two musically, Jamez — just look at sheer output over both mens’ careers. However, I think you are missing JCB’s point. When it comes to being truly avant garde, Jamez, Don IS the real thing. No one approaches Beefheart’s avant garde blues, not even Frank.

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