Thursday Mix: Cover Me This

I’m both pleased and proud to initiate the inaugural post of Kill Ugly Radio’s first Mixtape presentation, “Thursday Mix: Cover Me This.” Sixteen different musicians/bands performing twenty-five Frank Zappa Covers:

1. Tink / 13 — Banned From Utopia
2. Solitude — Banned From Utopia
3. Black Page #2 — Bogus Pomp
4. Filthy Hobbitz — Doot!
5. Bogner Regis — Ed Palermo Big Band
6. Heavy Duty Judy / Grand Wazoo — Ed Palermo Big Band
7. What’s New In Baltimore? — FiDO
8. Eat That Question — FiDO
9. Little House I Used To Live In — Frogg Cafe
10. King Kong — Frogg Cafe
11. Uncle Remus (Instrumental) — George Duke
12. Sexual Harassment In The Workplace — Mario Mariani
13. Packard Goose — Mario Mariani
14. Peaches En Regalia — Marzi Nyman & Estonian Dream Big Band
15. Sofa — Marzi Nyman & Estonian Dream Big Band
16. Black Page #1 — Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
17. Uncle Meat — Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
18. Eric Dolphy Memorial BBQ — Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
19. Duke of Prunes — Project Object
20. Sy Borg — Project Object
21. Pygmy Twylyte — Quintette Gaucher
22. Mr. Green Genes — Viva Zappa
23. Motherly Love — Voice of Cheez
24. Big Swifty — The Wrong Object
25. Let’s Make The Water Turn Black — Zappatistas

Most of the tracks listed above are available for download via Zappateers, or Internet Archive’s Live Music Archive, or individual band/artist websites (check them all out, there are lots of audio nuggets to be found).

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

Note: If anyone feels we are infringing their copyright, contact us and we will remove the item in question.

Author: urbangraffito

I am a writer, editor, publisher, philosopher, and foole (not necessarily in that order). Cultural activist and self-described anarchist.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Mix: Cover Me This”

  1. Looks very fun! I’ll give it a spin later after work.

    I wish Duke would rerelease “Feel” separate from the boxset. At least do an download only sale….he must know there is a huge Zappa fan market for that stuff! 😉

  2. Hey, this is good! With some REAL surprises! Like Solitude!!! Or Project Object: I’m not the biggest fan of them, but this acoustic thing.. nice!!! Do it, Mr. DeeJay!!!

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