9 thoughts on “Zappa Spielt Für Bach”

  1. Is there a performing version of Reagan at Bitburg, in which Frank seems to quote a Bach organ toccata? Maybe they could just play the track during the concert.

  2. This is an excellent composition! I have shown it to a few graphic designers and artists and they are drooling over it. I don’t read German, but is there a contact name or e-mail address to request an artwork PDF? The JPEG is nice, but there there are a lot of artifacts if you zoom in. I would certainly ask for permission to reproduce it if I knew the source.

  3. To me, the two composers’ heads look as if they were created by importing bitmaps into Inkscape to create an SVG which then was probably scaled up. I’m not a graphics designer myself but play with Inkscape now and then to create artwork with an FZ element here and there (don’t tell GZ, though).

  4. That may well be true Robert. However what I really like about this poster is the overall composition and the typography. Not to mention the usage of whitespace.

    PS: won’t tell GZ, promise 🙂

  5. Barry, thanks much for the PDF link. Most excellent! (The designer even manged to work in all those pesky promo logos without ruining it.)

  6. I don’t see a link for the Halloween 81 (TTNS) DVD, but I ordered it with OSD. I only had time to preview the the DVD last night, but is this the entire show (including the extras, which I also previewed. Or, my real question: Is Nig Biz missing from the DVD and if so, why?Maybe I just skipped past it.

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