10 thoughts on “水に煙 (Smoke On The Water)”

  1. Are the Koreans trying to say they rock harder than Purple? Screw them!! The vocals on the chorus are so awesome, though, that I take that back. These guys now officially own the chorus to “Smoke on the Water”, and Deep Purple needs to acknowledge that at a press conference.

  2. Closer examination reveals that this metal ensemble is in fact Japanese. Recently uncovered CIA documents do reveal, however, that North Korea is working on a weaponized version of, “Ashtray Heart” with traditional costumes and light show.

  3. I won’t comment that much anymore. That’s promised.

    However what’s the link between ManahManah & Smoke on the Water & the like? Let’s go back to the late 60ties of the 20th century.

    -M. M. was the sound track, composed by an Italian, Piero Umiliani, for a Swedish soft porno movy in 1968. Great ( elementary ) popular find.
    – S.O.T.W. was a riff put together by Deep Purple. Great ( elementary ) popular find.

    Both tunes were considered as crap by the ” gens biens” of that period. They, the well done people, just overlooked … that & that & that.

    The other side of the 60ties mirror: there’s just one comparable ” classical” composer, who survived that period, it’s … another Great Italian, Luciano Berio. Part of his art : he was smart enough to recompose Beatles songs.

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