Woven Hand: Your Russia (2006)

The sheer power… I’ve seen them 4-5 times, one of the greatest live experience ever. This one is an audience recording, but full of energy: the band (as always) almost explodes.

If you go for better sound quality, you should check the videos on their unofficial site. Or: go and see them live!

Author: Balint


2 thoughts on “Woven Hand: Your Russia (2006)”

  1. I really dig that bass riff at the beginning, Balint. Thanks for posting this.

  2. its a pity they dont have a real good quality live recording, so one might not feel the quality of this. I first saw the singer (David Eugene Edwards) when played as “16 Horsepower” – really strong! In this lineup I really like the drummer especially: while the studio albums are intimate and quiet, he playes really LOUD on stage, and really rich in texture. There are few drummers I really like, and he is one of them.
    I whis they had a real live recording, or a DVD.

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