14 thoughts on “Could You Speak Up A Little?”

  1. That’s a find.
    And now, Barry, on a local note ( I was born in the area , West Flanders, where you still live, as you know) & musical:
    – Maene ( Ruiselede) http://www.maene.be/en/homepage.htm, has now been invited to take care of the restauration of the first ever build Steiway piano. It’s a piano from the time Steinway was still living in Germany. Maene is indeed very good & thus : a humble man ( no trace of haughtyness on his site). It’s arts & crafts.
    – The organ / piano of the poor , “ordinary” people , that’s the accordeon. Did you know that one of the best brands was a Lichtervelde? Produced over there, in that neighbouring village, early 20th century.

  2. Aw…There’s a Lady’s model! I want THAT one!
    Not sure about the head-mounted turntable (Project 2). It would fit bernard perfectly though.

  3. Eggsplanation.

    Herr Seele is a Belgian cartoonist , called Cowboy Henk. http://www.cowboyhenk.com/

    His basic skill is Pianos, as he happens to be a piano tuner.

    He rentented an old cinema room in Ostend to display them all, his more than 200 pianos.
    A freak, Herr Seele.

  4. [quote comment=”95″]Herr Seele is a Belgian cartoonist, called Cowboy Henk. [/quote]
    No, Herr Seele is a Belgian cartoonist called “Herr Seele”, whose main claim to fame is a weekly cartoon called “Cowboy Henk”, which is published weekly in Humo. Herr Seele has an on-and-off creative relationship with Kamagurka — a brilliant Flemish cartoonist in his own right (who at one time created a cartoon together with one FZ). In many cases the “Cowboy Henk” story-boards are conceived by Kamagurka.

    I’m just sayin’. Pfff bernard…

  5. Roland:Balint you’ve got right. It remains me on my fan-tshirt, i would like to wear during TUISELS next event: DEAD MAN DON’T PLAY LIVE

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