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Frank Zappa: The Interview Sessions

Available from Chrome Dreams:

Frank Zappa: The Interview Sessions

The disc contains:

…over 70 minutes of often hilarious but always thought provoking and stimulating interviews with Uncle Frank, during which he speaks eloquently on just about any subject thrown at him. From John and Yoko to the Sex Pistols, his political role in Czechoslovakia to his book, ‘The Real Frank Zappa’, among numerous other topics, this collection, featuring never previously heard recordings, will prove a delight for all Zappa fans as it reveals probably the sharpest brain in rock music at his very best.

Currently priced at £5.99.

Zappa On Censorship

Frank Zappa gives his extensive views and opinions on censorship (among other things) on this KPFK FM Radio interview on June 21st, 1990.

Lost KBOO Airtapes – Frank Zappa Interview

From the vaults of the popular psychedelic show ‘The Radio Lab’ which later became ‘Cryptic Propensity Projections’ and ‘Midnight Collage’ on KBOO FM, Portland, Oregon from 1971-1985, Michael Christopher, Harry Mishkin and Bill Reinhardt talk to Frank Zappa after his performance at the Paramount Theater in Portland, Oregon. In the first clip, Frank discusses Germans, pop culture, the music scene and his own dubious popularity. In the second clip, he discusses musical interests, critics, and former ‘Mothers’ drummer, Jimmy Carl Black. The third clip is a spicy stew of The Mothers of Invention and The Firesign Theater. Unavailable since it’s broadcast on the Radio Lab in 1974.

1973 Monday Conference & RDNZL

I love FZ’s deadpan delivery of lines that contain words such as “organs” and “gratification” in the interview part — also a nice version of RDNZL:

The Lost Interview

Part one of seven.
This is fabulous, classic Zappa start to finish — watch while it’s still out there. Thanks Jane!