Holland Doc Keeps-A Rockin’

… and you need only click here to find out why. Fear not the Viking-esque prose with funny-looking words (dixit Dr Sharl) — just click through the audio links at the right of the page. Now I must say the whole “we opted for embedded audio because we don’t want you to copy this precious stuff, instead we want you to visit our site if you want a listen because we need to show our bosses that we are actually working deal” is a bit disappointing — but hey: surely, someone with more time and skills will make this available on Uncle Beat at some time. Right? Right.

5 thoughts on “Holland Doc Keeps-A Rockin’”

  1. Amazing concert memory! I saw them 6 days earlier in San Antonio TX; it was the first gig with Flo & Eddie. Almost the exact same setlist, but all I really remember was Frank jumping up & down to direct the band. Strange thing was that it was advertized as the Hot Rats Band with Capt. Beefheart, with Love as the opening band…

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