“Walking up to an indoor farmer’s market, Lisa says that she’s heard they’ve ‘got good stuff in there.’ Dweezil wonders what she’s heard about. ‘Good fruits,’ Lisa says, swinging her hips and sticking out her dinners as she walks, holding Dweezil’s hand. They admire the wares. ‘Cornbread, bananners,’ Lisa points out. Seriously, are we on PBS? She just said ‘bananners.’ What’s next?(Thanks Evaristo)

One Response to “Bananners”

  1. xorg says:

    I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am in young Dweezil. A cookery programme! I thought at first it was some kind of post-modern desconstructionist lampoon. But no. It’s light entertainment for real! Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

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