Best FZ Covers: G-Spot Piano by Vika

With some other stuff and scores on her homepage.

18 Responses to “Best FZ Covers: G-Spot Piano by Vika”

  1. urbangraffito says:

    Awesome. Just awesome. Wow. Incredible.

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    * picks jaw up from the ground *

  3. Matt says:

    Amazing. Thank you for posting that.

  4. metafunj says:


    I’m waiting for Wing Tipped Shoes to come and praise her, because she is amazing and he should.

  5. Robert says:

    I’m not Wing Tipped Shoes but i’m praising her anyway. I’m not an active musician myself but it must be damn hard to play a classic peace were the composer left the master vanilla version that your interpretation has to stand up against. (And with us geeks around who have listened to that original version over and over for decades…)

    She does incredibly well, only a few tiny mistakes here and there in the left hand and she misses some of the tiny pauses that the JFH version has in the upper hand. But anyway, this is a tough task accomplished excellently. Kudos!

    BTW: She sells sheet music of this piece. Doesn’t this conflict with ZFT business? GZ lawyer hordes: Charge! :-))

  6. jonnybutter says:

    Nice effort on Vika’s part. I do have a criticism though (sorry to be a killjoy): way too much pedal. Anybody can sound good if they use a lot of pedal. Damper pedal is a crutch. The musical problem is that it blurs everything. If you listen to any official version of this piece, you hear that it’s vital that everything be distinct, i.e. not blurred.

    Kudos to Vika for the effort though.

  7. Emily Beck says:

    HOLY SHIT!! She rocks!!

    More importantly, where can I get headphones like that?!?!

  8. Joe Crawford says:

    Very essential. Nice find!

  9. KnirpsForMoisture says:

    Amazing playing of this difficult piece!! Thanks for posting this here.
    Hope we hear more from Vika too!

  10. P. C. says:

    The video is speed up… How can nobody notice that?
    And the playing is… *awful*

  11. Tjodolf says:

    It doesn’t look sped up to me. And even if it was recorded at half speed, it’s still a pretty difficult piece to play.

  12. jonnybutter says: