What a cool little toy, this: feed it with your username, and it will generate a wallpaper image based on what you’ve been listening to recently.

Here’s mine:

ugly radio's wallpaper
(Really Big Version)


sharleena's wallpaper
(Really Big Version)

I was expecting Sharl’s to be an exclusive Eels affair, but strangely, it turned out otherwise! * ducks *


4 Responses to “ Wallpaper”

  1. Joe Crawford says:

    Nice! This are mine.

  2. urbangraffito says:

    Interesting wallpaper This is mine.

  3. gnarly artly says:

    Dang, I can spot Chocolate and Cheese a mile away! Great, creepy album! Spinal menengitis really gets me down!

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    [quote comment=”1252″]Dang, I can spot Chocolate and Cheese a mile away![/quote]
    Yeah, I found that to be a rather pleasant surprise myself! 🙂

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