What happens when a life-long “Zappa Freak” decides to “Freak Out”? Huh? And what if said “Zappa Freak” was both a writer, a micro-press publisher, and had access to a state-of-the-art computer as well as desktop publishing software? And what if said “Zappa Freak” had procreated, and his son not only shared his love of all things Zappa, yet was a micro-publisher, too? I think the answers to these questions, and more, are to be found inside the following zines:

Splurge #2 — to download a free pdf copy click


Urban Graffiti X — to download a free pdf copy click


(please remember, folks, you’re linking to large .pdf files — some people don’t like clicking on something that causes them to download something).

These zines are best viewed from Adobe Reader. You can download free Mac and PC Versions


Happy Halloween, Everybody!