Remember That Baltimore Bust?

Back in May 2008, KUR was notified of the fact that an FZ statue donated by the state of Lithuania, risked being put on the outskirts on the city of Baltimore — “because Frank Zappa was not an appropriate image to have on their grounds.”ā€¦ meaning- it would be put in a place where no one would see it.

FZ baltimore statue

Quoth Lithuanian and Baltimorian Eric Leicus:

Iā€™m thinking it should be in Fells Point Square/Mt Vernon Park or at least somewhere downtown where people can actually see it and appreciate it.

We urged you to mail Baltimore city hall officials, asking for a better spot. Well, lo and behold:

On Wednesday, the commission formally endorsed placing the bust in the quirky Fells Point community. The neighborhood is a major tourist draw known for its nightlife.

Eric writes:

I have a friend who works in Baltimore Promotion of the Arts who said they got a TON of emails from around the world about the location of the statue. So thank you for posting. Between you guys and Zappateers (the other place I posted) I think we really made a difference!!!

I guess we did šŸ™‚