Roger Steen Interview @ Ultimate Guitar

Any fan of The Tubes will seriously enjoy Ultimate Guitar‘s interview with Roger Steen entitled, “The Tubes: Bizarre Is As Tubes Does”. Steen speaks of the band’s beginning in Pheonix, Arizona, their move to San Francisco in the early 1970s, and the band’s unique mixture of sounds and styles:

When we were first starting in the 60’s, my group of friends were not only listening to the radio, but also to original blues and jug-band recordings. We incorporated all these rootsy flavors with Motown, Hendrix, Cream, Zappa. When we all lived together in San Francisco, the influence came heavily from Beefheart, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Mile’s Bitches Brew.

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The Tubes New Years Eve ’75 @ Winterland

Mike Cotton of The Tubes Project just sent me an email announcing that the Bill Graham archive has added The Tubes New Years Eve 1975 show:

This is the “Big Bang” for us as we sold out Winterland and put on the show of our lives. It was a wild mix of rock, comedy, video and dancing as we pulled out all the stops to celebrate the new year, 1976. This is a live mix, no overdubs, so the keyboard and synths are a little funky at the top but it still rocks.

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The Tubes — Space Baby, 1975

Latest offering from The Tubes Project, an ongoing archiving process in preparation for the eventual release of a documentary outlining the musical history of The Tubes.

Recorded at the Record Plant, w/Bill Spooner on lead vocals. This video opens with rare instrumental featured in the Tubes live set at the time. Originally part of The Beans space opera, “Acension of the Motherload.” Appeared on the Tubes first album produced by Al Kooper.

“Tube” Mural/Shirts and “Space Baby” costume by Michael Cotten and Prairie Prince.