Greasy Love Songs: “Cruising With Ruben & The Jets” Vinyl Version Re-released

Email from the ZFT, christal clear and full of detail as usual (click to enlarge):

The blurb at Barfko Swill:

Yum & Cheap Thrills together at last. It’s 40+ years later for this Anniversary FZ AudioDocumentary in the project/object series. Cruise again with Ruben & The Jets playing all your favorite greasy love songs.

Pre-order at $21 a pop.

Update: This press-release has more info (thx Tim!):

Among additional tracks included are alternate mono mixes, an unreleased cover of “Valerie” which enjoyed heavy rotation in the Mothers’ concerts circa 1967 and a version of “Love of My Life” from Studio Z, bringing this CD from 40 minutes in the vinyl release to well over an hour of “the stuff of teen-age legend,” according to Gail Zappa’s text. “The thrall, the threnodies, the three and four part harmonies, the keys to the kingdom of sociological and panchromatic sexual edification.” The package, #3 in the FZ Audio Documentary Series, also contains Cheech Marin’s highly evocative liner notes recalling his 1968 audition for Zappa.