Mystery Zappa Album Poster

9illustrations wants to know:

The original uploader Farbror Sid is not sure what Zappa album this poster, by Dave McMacken, came with. Anybody? I’ve been looking around on the web for a while and I can’t find this poster or any references to it. Maybe it’s very rare in real life too. I seems it’s a Mothers (of Invention?) jubilee and I’m counting six candles.

Here’s the poster in question (click to enlarge see the full poster):

Zappa poster - click for full image

Heh, well I was about to ask you guys, but one visit to the wiki identified the above as… a 1974 Christmas card. All hail The Mighty Wiki! The folding creases in the image however do suggest that this illustration was also printed in a poster format… and possibly shipped with an album?