Frank’s Little Houses

For the Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention fan, there is almost always a particular album which they refer to as that album which “hooked” them as long-term fans. For me, that album was the 1970 release, ‘Burnt Weeny Sandwich‘, and in particular the more than 18 minute composition, “The Little House I Used To Live In” which functioned as the centerpiece of that album. Zappa’s 1969 solo release ‘Hot Rats‘ might have ensured my long-term Zappa fanaticism, yet ‘Burnt Weeny Sandwich‘ solidified it. When I first heard the movements and compound meters of “Little House“, my musical universe was never quite the same ever again.
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Re-burnt Weeny Sandwich

Fraz Knapp came up with a wizard wheeze to follow-up the unqualified success that was the 20 Extraordinary Renditions CD. And Cordelia Records is happy to do the biznis again. So I’m now liaising with 20 artists, asking them to condense the whole of the Burnt Weeny Sandwich album into a 3-5 minute piece – with as much artistic licence as they want. They don’t have to use a bit from every song, but at least something from their fave bits of this wondrous album. Once done, a knob twiddler will concoct a remix of extracts from the 20 resultant pieces to create a whole new 21st interpretation of the BWS album.

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