Records by Other Artists with Zappa-Like Cover Art

From István Fekete:

I propose a new weirdo category: "Records by other artists with Zappa-like cover art". The first two entries could be the following, both with the respective artists posing la Joe's Garage Act 1, and none of them having any Zappa music on it.

  • Caballero Reynaldo: Clasico con Twist (CD, Hall Of Fame Records HOF-005-CD, 1995 or 1996)
  • Eddie Meduza: Garagetaper (LP, CBS 84624, 1980)

From Kristian Kier:

How about the Fugs' Golden Filth - Alive at the Fillmore East album, with Cal Schenkel cover art?

From Jules Saulnier:

The "Acid Mother Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO"'s "Live in Japan".

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