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These are all the releases in the Weirdo Discography from A to Z. If you know something about the albums that are not clickable yet, mail it here. And if you don't find what you're looking for, use your browser to its fullest IT potential and do a text search for a key word (not the full title, which you and I may have differently).

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Titles that start with "The" are included under T, and "Untitled" includes unclear titles of all kinds.

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  • October 10 1969 (Warner/Reprise PRO-351, October 10 1969, single LP) (various artists)
  • One Size Fits All, unreleased quadraphonic version (Warner Brothers BS4-2879 (CD4 format) and L9B-2879 (Q8 format), according to Mark Anderson's Surround Sound Discography)
  • Our Man in Nirvana (unreleased, and unclear)
  • Original Recordings of Frank Zappa (Light Without Heat Records LWH 1001-02, 2001 - disc three in Steve Vai's Secret Jewel Box)


  • Panta from Zunokeisatsu Meets Frank Zappa (Ryko VACK 1175, Japan, December 22 1999)
  • Planet of Blood / Space Boy acetate (1963)
  • Play Fast Forward (Cambridge Corn Exchange, 1998)
  • Pop Giants Volume 27: The Mothers of Invention Starring Frank Zappa (Brunswick Silber-Serie 2911 537, Germany 1973)
  • Pop History Volume 6 (Polydor 2625 012, New Zealand, 1972, double LP (identical to the European Volume 6))
  • Pop History Volume 7 (Verve/Polydor 2625 012 in Germany, Polydor 2625 012 in Australia, 1972; double LP - also issued in Brazil)
  • Pop History Volume 11 (Polydor 2335 024, Italy, 1972 (cover says 2625 012 S))
  • Pop History Volume 14 (Polydor 23 35 054/055 in Spain, 1972)
  • Pop History Volume ? (German double LP - one disc of the Velvet Underground, one disc of the Mothers)
  • Pregnant (Verve 2356049 in the US (double LP - details unknown (1972?)); MGM Metro Records 2356 049 in Germany, 1973; red Verve 2304 072 in Brazil, 1972; Blue Verve 2304072 in Colombia; Metro Records 2355032 in France; Metro Records 2356049 in New Zeeland, Norway & Sweden)
  • Presentati da Valentino Maggione (United Artists PRG 2, Italy, various artists)
  • (Promotional DJ Copy for) Rock Age Campaign (Reprise PS-9, Japan)




T (Including "The")

  • Thing-Fish pre-release version (unreleased)
  • Thing-Fish/Them or Us promo (Barking Pumpkin SPR 09261, USA 1984)
  • Together Again (MusicHall 12.915, mono, Argentina - a Warner Brothers sampler including "Peaches en Regalia", "WPLJ", "Little Umbrellas" and the single version of "Dog Breath")
  • Top Pop Secret (Music Hall 12.854, mono, Argentina - a Warner Brothers sampler including the single version of "My Guitar")
  • Trance-Fusion (unreleased; external link)
  • "Transparency" (Rock Flashbacks: Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, Verve/Polydor 2352 057)


  • Underground (Polydor 184 190/191, Germany (1975?) and Australia (1972) - a double LP, with the Mothers only on one side)
  • US Radio LP: Dr Demento (Westwood One, double LP, shows 88-06/88-07) - pressed for use as complete radio shows, with adverts and programme introductions. These shows were co-hosted by Zappa.
  • US Radio LP: King Biscuit Flower Hour (double LP, WG June 28 1981, DIR (?))




  • Zappa en la Radio (Ryko CD 51516, Argentina, 1997)
  • Zappéd (Warner/Reprise/Bizarre PRO-368, February 1970 (single LP, two or three variants); Reprise RS 5270 in Australia (1972) (NOTE: the Australian version was not a Loss Leader)) (various artists)
  • Zoot Allures backed with the Allman Brothers (American Forces Radio & TV Service RL 52-6, P-16475/P-16476)
  • Zoot Allures double album (unreleased)

Items with No Titles or Unclear Titles

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