The 1973 "Un-Concert"

This is a radio show that was edited together by Zappa. It was broadcast on WXRT radio on November 8 1974. Material includes:

1. Tango Chat
2. Pygmy Twylyte
3. Dummy Up
4. Story of "Dupree's Paradise"
5. Be-Bop Tango
6. The "Yellow Snow" Suite
7. Guitar Solo
8. Penguin in Bondage
9. T'Mershi Duween
10. Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat

  • Track 1 is from Wayne, 11-Nov-1973 (late show) 
  • Tracks 2-3 are unknown 1973 recordings with Irma Coffee guesting
  • Track 4 is from New York City, 22-Nov-1973 (late show)
  • Track 5 is from Waterloo, Canada, 18-Nov-1973
  • Track 6 is from Sydney, 24-Jun-1973
  • Track 7 is rather unknown and may not be part of the broadcast
  • Tracks 8-10 are unknown 1973 versions.

Material from this suite has turned up on many bootlegs, such as Time Sandwich, Nifty, Around the World, Canada 1973, Live Downunda, The Rondo Hatton Band.

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