You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 1


  1. The Florida Airport Tape
  2. Once Upon A Time
  3. Sofa # 1
  4. The Mammy Anthems
  5. You Didn’t Try To Call Me
  6. Diseases Of The Band
  7. Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
  8. Let’s Make The Water Turn Black – Harry You’re A Beast – The Orange
    County Lumber Truck
  9. The Groupie Routine
  10. Ruthie-Ruthie
  11. Babbette
  12. I’m The Slime
  13. Big Swifty
  14. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow


  1. Plastic People
  2. The Torture Never Stops
  3. Fine Girl
  4. Zomby Woof
  5. Sweet Leilani
  6. Oh No
  7. Be In My Video
  8. The Deathless Horsie
  9. The Dangerous Kitchen
  10. Dumb All Over
  11. Heavenly Bank Account
  12. Suicide Chump
  13. Tell Me You Love Me
  14. Sofa # 2

5 thoughts on “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 1”

  1. The first in FZ’s monster series/ box set of historical live recordings jumps all over the place, from 1968 vintage Mothers up through 1982, but it seems to work for the most part. I really prefer the sets that concentrated on a particular band or theme, but this is a great listen as a compilation and a good introduction to the series and it’s overall concept of presenting an all encompassing overview of the live adventures of FZ and his various bands. This idea started out as the History and Collected Improvisations of the Mothers of Invention ( a ten lp box set) in the late 1960s/early 1970s,( a complete legit version of which was never released), but it obviously grew and expanded beyond that over time, so that by the late 1980s the Stage series is what it all became. Every serious Zappa fan should acquire the entire series. Every set has something wonderful and unique for the listener.

  2. This is one of many truly great Zappa albums.

    “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” is a complete treat. It is, for a Zappa fan, a comprehensive musical meal with 100% daily requirements for what a fanatic craves.

    My real favorite, though, is “You Didn’t Try To Call Me”. I never cared for that song until this particular version.

  3. ‘The Mammy Anthem’ is the best Metal song that’s not Metal! Also good versions of loads of other songs like ‘I’m the Slime’ and ‘You Didn’t Try To Call Me’. Highly Recommended.

  4. Oh, do I love “Vol.1”. There are no words to describe the excitement and satisfaction of hearing this CD for the first time. Because the first volume is more of a hodge-podge sampler, the variety never lulls or disappoints. I adore the balance of material in this release. The “Yellow Snow” of the 1978-79 band is amazing, the “Zomby Woof” features one of the most incindiary Zappa guitar solos ever, “Babette” is so actually CHARMING, I can’t believe Frank wrote it himself, the “knob-job” audio-verite snippet before “Be In My Video” is sexy and fascinating, all the varied performances are illuminating, and this one single volume alone is such an outstanding introduction to the wonderful world of Frank’s live work, I cannot recommend it enough. Notable is the fact that EVERY SINGLE DIFFERENT LIVE BAND FROM EACH DIFFERENT ERA HAS ITS OWN PARTICULAR STRENGTH, TALENT AND BEAUTY. For example, if you like funky 70’s Frank, with amazing keyboard solos, you want the ’73-’74 band. If you want artsier, more avant-garde demented dadaist “electric chamber music”, you will want the early Mothers material. If you want the loose, ragged, shrill vocal “social anthropology” Frank, you will want the Flo and Eddie Mothers. If you want your Frank with kick-ass vocals, but played through the early 1980’s timbre, check out the 1984 band. If you want steamy, sweaty, super ROCK Frank, you will want the 1976-1977 Bozzio-era bands. If you want hyper-precision Frank on steroids, go for the 1978-1979 Vinnie Coluaiuta/Steve Vai bands. For a big summing up with a large flourish, go for the final 1988 line-up. They were all wonderful, and to quote Frank from the liner notes of the very first album…..


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