The Lost Episodes

Released: 1996


  1. The Blackouts
  2. Lost In A Whirlpool
  3. Ronnie Sings?
  4. Kenny’s Booger Story
  5. Ronny’s Booger Story
  6. Mount St. Mary’s Concert Excerpt
  7. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
  8. Tiger Roach
  9. Run Home Slow Theme
  10. Fountain Of Love
  11. Run Home Cues, # 2
  12. Any Way The Wind Blows
  13. Run Home cues, # 3
  14. Charva
  15. The Dick Kunc Story
  16. Wedding Dress Song
  17. Handsome Cabin Boy
  18. Cops & Buns
  19. The Big Squeeze
  20. I’m A Band Leader
  21. Alley Cat
  22. The Grand Wazoo
  23. Wonderful Wino
  24. Kung Fu
  25. RDNZL
  26. Basement Music # 1
  27. Inca Roads
  28. Lil’ Clanton Shuffle
  29. I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted
  30. Sharleena

5 thoughts on “The Lost Episodes”

  1. Interesting historical stuff with Beefheart and more conceptual contituity info.
    Great Jazz Cocktail Lounge feel to TYCOWYD.
    Wedding Dress / Handsome Cabin Boy very unusual for FZ but great all the same.
    Cops ‘n’ Buns, I’m a Band Leader, and The Grand Wazoo are good for a laugh.
    For me, the definitive version of Wonderful Wino – shame Ricky didn’t last long in the line-up.
    Lovely alternative takes on RDNZL and Inca Roads. Personally, I could’ve lived without hearing yet another version of Sharleena.

  2. Personally, “Sharleena” was the highlight of the album. An amazing take, I was surprised how refined this was considered it was the premiere recording and a jam session. Tiger Roach was also a mind blower. Definitely to be picked up, although it is a collection of nuggets and doesn’t seem to flow or be as complete as it could be. The album just seems to cut into each other….I don’t seem to be able to get it by properly but what the fuck. Go get it but think of it as another “Myster Disc” or an album of bonus tracks. On, at the FAQ section Gail says there will be a sequel. Perhaps in 50 years we will get to hear it. The only bad thing about that would be the 50 years part….

  3. Love ‘Tiger Roach’ and Beefheart’s weird vocals and the ’50s sounding mellow Jazz versions of later songs. if you are a hardcore fan, you should buy this. If not.. you should still buy this!

  4. I think this album is an excellent intro to Zappa’s career. Think about it: it’s got doo-wop, complex polyrhythmic jazz, Synclavier, pop, field recordings, avant-classical…

    Whether you agree with me or not on that point, hopefully we can all agree this is a much better-assembled odds n sods type as opposed to, say, all 6 discs of ‘The Beatles Anthology,’ which featured laughter-riddled garbage and left the best outtakes out.

    Let’s cross our fingers for that sequel.

  5. Oh do I LOVE this one. In my opinion “The Lost Episodes” is FAR superior to its counterpart and predecessor, the “Mystery Disc(s)” from the original “Old Masters” sets. The VARIETY of musical styles, eras and personnel make this a constantly fascinating listen. If you are also into ZAPPA HISTORY, there is TONS for you, too. There is amazing early Zappa, like the Mount St. Mary’s Concert, more “Run Home Slow” stuff, great early Beefheart bits, and even the use of the Synclavier with Don’s voice on the “Grand Wazoo” is cool. Who doesn’t like “RDNZL”, and if you ever wanted the mind-boggling middle section of “Inca Roads” broken and slowed down so that you could actually hear what the musicians are playing at break-neck speed, there is an early work-print of that workout.

    This is a WONDERFUL testament to such a huge, broad, all-encompassing body of amazing music, I can’t recommend this overview enough. Buy it, listen to it, and then marvel. Man, did Frank make a contribution to this world. What a guy.

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