The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle

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Released December 15, exclusively through iTunes


  1. Trying’ To Grow A Chin – FZ
    (Live ’76) Sydney, Australia 1-20-76
  2. Dead Girls of London – FZ
    (Live ’79) – Odeon Hammersmith, London 2-79
  3. You Are What You Is – FZ
    (Live ’80) 12-11-80, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
  4. Bamboozled By Love – FZ
    (Live ’88) 5-8-88, Wein, Austria
  5. Fine Girl – FZ
    (Remix) 8-20-86 UMRK Remix by FZ with Bob Stone
  6. Girlie Woman – Diva Zappa
  7. When The Ball Drops – Diva Zappa
  8. Bring It Back – Ahmet Zappa
  9. Feel How I Need You – Ahmet Zappa
  10. Rhythmatist – Dweezil Zappa
  11. Everyone Is Going Mad – Moon Zappa & Jellybird

4 thoughts on “The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle”

  1. I just tasted the tracks on iTunes…the FZ stuff sounds like your typical live fare, and the stuff from his kids…well…not good. For the fans the FZ stuff might be worth $.99 a pop, but don’t bother with the other tracks. Even completists might wanna opt out.

  2. Have to agree with Charles…As for the FZ stuff, if this is how the ZFT is going to release live material (in dribs and drabs) heaven help us life-long fans. Makes me wonder exactly what their “cut” was with this exclusive deal with iTunes? IMO the quality of iTune downloads are not quite up to FZ standard. So, as Charles says, I’m going to opt out and wait for the release of something more substantial and inclusive regarding the live material.

  3. Like the live version of ‘You Are What You Is’. Diva’s vocals on ‘Girlie Woman’ are ‘interesting’.

  4. This was my first Zappa Album.

    I was dissappointed because I didn’t realize most of the tracks were “bonus material” from his kids before it was too late.

    I must admit his kids have some talent, but they should really try to stand on their own feet, and not bundle their music with original FZ stuff.

    There are some fairly good tracks on this album (“Bamboozled By Love”, “Fine Girl” etc), but it’s not a good starting point for someone who is “Zappa-curious”.

    Fortunately, I gave FZ another chance and bought “Apostrophe” the next day after some internet research.

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