Make A Jazz Noise Here

Released: June 1991


  1. Stinkfoot
  2. When Yuppies Go To Hell
  3. Fire And Chains
  4. Let’s Make The Water Turn Black
  5. Harry, You’re A Beast
  6. The Orange County Lumber Truck
  7. Oh No
  8. Theme From Lumpy Gravy
  9. Eat That Question
  10. Black Napkins
  11. Big Swifty
  12. King Kong
  13. Starwars Won’t Work
  14. The Black Page (new age version)
  15. T’Mershi Duween
  16. Dupree’s Paradise
  17. City Of Tiny Lights
  18. Royal March From “L’Histoire Du Soldat”
  19. Theme From The Bartok Piano Concerto
  20. Sinister Footwear 2nd. Mvt.
  21. Stevie’s Spanking
  22. Alien Orifice
  23. Cruisin’ For Burgers
  24. Advance Romance
  25. Strictly Genteel

Frank Zappa (lead guitar, synth, vocal), Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, synth, vocals), Mike Keneally (rhythm guitar, synth, vocals), Bobby Martin (keyboards, vocals), Ed Mann (vibes, marimba, electronic percussion), Walt Fowler (trumpet, flugel horn, synth), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Paul Carman (alto sax, soprano sax, baritone sax), Albert Wing (tenor sax), Kurt McGettrick (baritone sax, contrabass clarinet), Scott Thunes (electric bass, mini moog), Chad Wackerman (drums, electronic percussion)

12 thoughts on “Make A Jazz Noise Here”

  1. My favorite set from the last tour. Avant garde electronics, big band jazz rock with classical themes woven into the mix. This was a great band, too bad they couldn’t tour more.

  2. I full agree with kzdarwin. Again, Zappa and band play at top level – most of todays bands are not able to play one single note, but this band ….
    GRRRREAT !!!!

  3. Everyone should hear the mind-blowing sax version of Black Napkins on this album. Absolutely jaw-dropping.

  4. I really enjoy most of this album.
    It has some of Zappa’s best moments as far as I’m concerned.

    I have been an absolute Zappa fanatic since 1974. Sure wish they’d release some more old studio stuff. There must be lots of it.

  5. Truly inspiring instrumental work. In the 1988 tour trilogy, he documented some of the best live music ever recorded, but this one seems the most underrated of the three when in fact, this probably the most breathtaking. If i was going to compare this to any album, it would probably be Weasels Ripped My Flesh. Both albums rely heavy on improvisation, but on this album, the musicians seem to have far more advanced musical chops and interactive ability. This mixed with Zappa’s growing compositional prowess throughout the years makes Make a Jazz Noise Here a great listen that rarely, if ever, gets boring.There are little things that i dislike about the album though. As for the trilogy as a whole, i kind of have grown weary of the synth samples and vocoder sounding things that are thrown in every once in awhile. When used too much i think it distracts from the music. On this release I liked the original version of King Kong and the Black Page is quite as engaging as earlier versions (but the versions here are quite good). The second disc is the releases highlight itself while in the first disc, the sixties medley was brilliant. Overall excellent release and definitely one of his best live recordings along with Roxy and Best Band.

  6. The best live Zappa album. The Big Swifty, Alien Orifice, King Kong and Black Napskins are truly gorgeous. So are the other songs.

  7. “some of the best live music ever recorded” and thats no exaggeration!
    The first three tracks on the second disc in particular are a feat of musicianship.. the fact that a) they can play it at all, and b) they play it PERFECTLY…. LIVE!

  8. La gira del 88 es la mejor, zappa supera todos los estilos musicales incluso el jazz.

    Gran version de big swifty, alien orifice, siniester footwear los vientos se lucen.

  9. Cool Record, Tracks that standout for me are Cruisin, Oh No, City of Tiny Lights, and Alien Orifices . Some dated 80’s synth stuff. I give it a 7 out of 10

  10. More 1988 band wonderment. This title is definitely not the “easy listening” one of the two (remember from my other reviews that anything I write about Frank’s music is RELATIVE). “Make a Jazz Noise Here” is decidedly about the instrumentals and thornier pieces that the ’88 band played. That said, the music is mindblowing. Just listen to the new arrangement of “The Black Page (New Age Version)”. The tightness of the playing is breathtaking.

    It is all downright amazing, and although this one takes more concentration and digging in than “Best Band…” just deal with it and feed your ears, mind and heart.

  11. I wouldn’t call “Make a Jazz Noise Here” anti-septic as artie_tripp_fan did. I’d rather state that this band was thoroughly over-rehearsed, which causes a certain lack of “human element” here and there. Anyway, if you’re into excellent musicianship and flawless live performance (as all FZ devotees probably are), then this record is for you.

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