Joe’s XMASage

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December 15 2005


  1. Mormon Xmas Dance Report
  2. Prelude To “The Purse”
  3. Mr. Clean (Alternate Mix)
  4. Why Don’tcha Do Me Right?
  5. The Muthers/Power Trio
  6. The Purse
  7. The Moon Will Never Be The Same
  8. GTR Trio
  9. Suckit Rockit
  10. Mousie’s First Xmas
  11. The Uncle Frankie Show

10 thoughts on “Joe’s XMASage”

  1. This compilation, while interesting from a historical point of view, really sort of sucks.Rehearsal tapes and idle studio chatter are just plain boring. Does ZTF not have anything of value in their vaults? This is the kind of shit that Frank would have used a 30 second snippet from to link cool tracks together like on compilations like “The Lost Episodes”. Does ZFT think Zappa fans are dumb enough to buy any piece of shit they put out? I guess we are (at least I am, I bought this turd pile.) Well, I guess it’s not as bad as shit I’ve heard on some of the bootlegs and it does have anthropological value. I hope “Imaginary Diseases” is better. Doesn’t ZFT have any unreleased concerts in the vaults? We can only dream (imaginary guitar solos.)

  2. #1 the ZFT has to realize 80 minutes can fit on a cd.
    #2 this one is 55 minutes and half of them consist of dialog!!!
    #3 I, myself, can’t believe there is much in the vault after all.
    #4 $19.72 for 16 or so cool minutes of music…
    we’ve been had
    #5 Of The top 20 new Zappa product in 2005, 16 came from this site ( Resolver is #1) and 4 came from (and ZFT has vault access…LOL)

  3. The LOst Episodes was far better. There is really no “genius” on this compilation as heard on almost every other Zappa release………..

  4. I’d like to amend my above review. The previous version was meant to refer primarily to “Joe’s Domage”. I think the musicial selections on “Joe’s Xmasage” are really pretty cool, being mostly Studio Z era demos, except for a couple of short electronic pieces. The Spoken sections run on too long and get boring after awhile. I wouldn’t recommend this disc except to the hardcores and it is rather short. This feels like an out-take reel from the “Lost Episodes.”

  5. ok, it’s not full of brilliant music. But i think it’s not the meaning of this serie. Here we can take a look in the real zappa kitchen. I think it’s pretty interesting and it’s greet to listen to in on a dark evening.
    And that the way to listen to it.

  6. It’s not very good on its own (I recommend it as a companion piece with the Cucamonga singles boot), a lot of anthropologic value though. As Patrick mentioned, it’s a dark evening listen… think of the drawbacks of “Playground Psychotics”. The music’s good, it’s just that the dialogue’s only worth a once or twice over.
    The music is intriguing, as is this whole period of Frank’s life and work but you get this feeling when you finish, ‘is that it?’- Also the linear notes are very irritating because they dont really shed too much information on the music- perhaps, as they suggested, there isnt much information to go on…
    So if you’re gonna buy it, I feel you have a moral right to download that Cucamonga singles compilation on some torrent site, just because it’s a boot anyhow and without it, this album’s just a rip off anyhow.

  7. You know, I really enjoyed this installment from the depth of old Studio Z tapes. I think true fans need to immerse themselves in the studio ephemera that makes up a large part of Frank’s Conceptual Continuity. Any fan of “Lumpy Gravy” (the final release, not the Capitol version) knows just how important every chosen spoken word, phrase, running gag and sound-byte means to Frank when he is composing anything.

    I think “The Purse” is an excellent example of this, and is one of the moments when Gail was right on the money in terms of stressing its importance. Frank pulled inspiration from pretty much everything in the air around him: funny phrases, bizarre human behavior and obsessions, off-the-beaten-track acts of sexuality, politics, etc…he liked the term “Social Anthropology”, and I think that is an excellent phrase. Frank was always creating fascinating art out of the raw matter of the human world around him, and this “Corsage” release is an wonderful example of that, as are many of the sound snippets on the “Mystery Disc” releases.

    I would highly suggest fans with more than a passing interest dig into this, and let it roll around in your heads for awhile.

  8. This album is the biggest ripoff in the history of FZ publications!!!
    I have bought over 100 albums of Frank and love almost all of them, but how greedy can the Zappa Trust be to sell us shit like this??
    Shame on you!

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