Dub Room Special! (CD)

Released: August 24 2007

Derived from the Dub Room Special video, this CD was originally produced by FZ to be released on vinyl. The first reported copies were sold during the ZPZ shows around August 3rd 2007. A limited number are packaged with a small ‘Tape Worm’ (from the Vault?). Liner notes by Gail Zappa and Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. There are no sound effects on the CD (as opposed to the video/DVD).


  1. A Token of My Extreme (Vamp) (2:29)
  2. Stevie’s Spanking (5:54)
  3. Dog Breath Variations (1:42)
  4. Uncle Meat (2:16)
  5. Stinkfoot (3:58)
  6. Easy Meat (6:51)
  7. Montana (4:24)
  8. Inca Roads (9:46)
  9. Room Service (9:15)
  10. Cosmik Debris (7:44)
  11. Florentine Pogen (10:13)

2 thoughts on “Dub Room Special! (CD)”

  1. I enjoy this disc. I don’t have the DVD and have only seen clips here and there so it was all pretty new to me. There is nice funky ( farty ) arrangement of Token which is fun. The Dog/Meat medley is strong. Easy Meat has a good Zappa Solo Circa early 80’s style. Florentine is the highlight for me because of the good and unexpected guitar solo after the main part is finished. Inca is strong. The heart break comes when you find the guitar solo is edited out of Montana. For me its heartbreak, others may like it.

  2. 6/10

    A very beautiful sound and an enjoyable listen, in some ways more enjoyable for me than the DVD, probably because I enjoy Zappa’s jazz stuff to his ’81 stuff (it is heavier on the ’74 material with only two ’81 tracks). It’s hard to believe that a release of these two disparate eras (Roxyesque and Tinseltownesque) would blend so well with a minimal amount of jarring.

    These are two wonderful performances spliced together, I especially enjoyed “Inca Roads”, Dog/Meat Medley and the “Florentine Pogen” finale was downright jaw-dropping. Absolutely beautiful at times, if not a bit lacking somehow. If you want the most from this era, check out YCDTOSA volume 2, then “Roxy and Elsewhere”, and if you’re still hungry for this excellent band, try “Apostrophe” or “Overnight Sensation”- this release compliments those two albums quite nicely: same band (for the most part) with (mostly) new material. And if, and only if, you absolutely need more of this lineup, check out “One Size Fits All” (which I find inferior to DRS!)

    A beautiful sound, great performances, though mildly unsatisfying, though I cant complain too much, I did download this one for free.

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