Congress Shall Make No Law

Congress Shall Make No Law

Released September 19 2010, on the occasion of Baltimore’s annual Frank Zappa Day.
It should be noted that Zappa’s December 1984 testimony at the Senate Committee is currently freely available in the Public Domain.


  1. Congress Shall Make No Law (32:46)
  2. Perhaps in Maryland (10:45)
  3. thou shalt have no other gods before Me (2:56)
  4. thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image – any likeness of anything in heaven above, nor in the earth beneath, nor ?n the water under the earth 2:31
  5. thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain (2:26)
  6. thou shalt keep holy the Sabbath day (2:05)
  7. thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother (2:21)
  8. thou shalt not Kill (2:06)
  9. thou shalt not commit adultery (0:55)
  10. thou shalt not steal (0:39)
  11. thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor (1:48)
  12. thou shalt not covet the house of thy neighbor, the wife of thy neighbor, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ass, nor anything that belongs to thy neighbor (1:13)
  13. Reagan at Bitburg some more (1:10)

5 thoughts on “Congress Shall Make No Law”

  1. as of this writing,

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    via above link. What does that tell ya?

  2. To my knowledge, this CD represents the only FZT authorized release that is almost entirely composed of Frank speaking, giving testimony and there is scant music punctuation, with the usual snorks and synclavier-style interjections that remind one of “Lather” but with the talking as the main component, and the music as the interjections.

    That said, the serious importance of this release and the speaking contained within it should be more than obvious to all Frank fans the world over. I think that if they ever released an all-talking/interview-style Frank CD, this one should be first on the list. Frank spent a good part of the mid 1980’s fighting the PMRC, and if you consider yourself a real fan, you will do more than just listen to his noble cause in preserving the integrity of the 1st amendment, you will do whatever you can to fight all powers-that-be who are always trying in new and insidious ways to eradicate it from our U.S. Constitution.

    In retrospect, what Frank was doing was downright heroic, in the truest sense of the word. In politically volitile and extreme times (i.e. pretty much ALL THE TIME in the ol’ U.S. of A), the Constitution is always endangered by anyone from any faction of society who sees its rights and liberties as something the citizens of this country shouldn’t have the privledge of possessing.

    This is a beautiful testament from the composer who wanted to see a world that was “Absolutely Free”.

    Listen to this CD, think about it, and then listen again. And then listen again. And then think about it again. Then “lather”, rinse, and repeat. Geddit?

  3. Quote
    “Listen to this CD, think about it, and then listen again. And then listen again. And then think about it again. Then “lather”, rinse, and repeat. Geddit?”

    In a word: NO

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