Kentucky Fried Dupree

Brandon Coleman writes:

I just graduated with my bachelors in Jazz Guitar from Morehead State University in Kentucky. Wonderful music program there, with lots of great musicians to play with. For the guitar ensemble, I arranged one of my all-time favorite Zappa tunes, “Dupree’s Paradise”. We even opened up the middle section with some free improvisation. This video is from our Fall 2008 concert, a lot of the guys you see have graduated and went on to make great music.

4 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Dupree”

  1. That is really good. Bravo! It is nice to know, that there are young and talented musicians who are being taught the music of Frank Zappa.
    The soloist is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent clip with excellent solo too!!

    Have to agree with Nowski about how good it is to see the younger generation being taught the music of Zappa.

    All schools should have Zappa as a subject lesson!!!

    Thanks for the clip!

  3. Frankly,that was awesome!It warms my heart to see young,talented musicians carrying on with the music of Zappa.

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