Exclusive FZ-Audio at Rolling Stone Dot Com

An exclusive Audio feature from the Rolling Stone:

…his estate is releasing a three CD concert set taped at London’s Hammersmith Odeon in 1978. The shows were the source of some tracks on 1979s Sheik Yerbouti, but the complete unedited show hasn’t been available until now. Click here to hear an exclusive version of “City of Tiny Lites” from the new collection.

Not exactly: the song is different from the one on Hammersmith Odeon, so it’s probably from the new Birthday Bundle, recording date: 26. january 1978 (one month before HO). Sounds better to me than Odeon (Thinman? What do you say?), with more organic sound and more cimbals – and a much better solo. (Source: Zappa in France)

Author: Balint


7 thoughts on “Exclusive FZ-Audio at Rolling Stone Dot Com”

  1. [quote]Sounds better to me than Odeon (Thinman? What do you say?)[/quote] 😉

    Yes, the first thing I thought when hearing the snippet from the birthday bundle on iTunes was: this mix seems to sound way better than the one on HO, as far as one can tell from those kind of snippets.

    And this here version from the Rolling Stone could be the same as on the bundle. I only did a quick A/B comparison so this observation can be wrong, though.

    It seems Craig Parker Adams does the things at least more to MY liking. If one can make a judgement from just this one song I would prefer CPA doing the job on future Vaulternative releases.

    Since I have no interest in downloading the bundle, hopefully someone else who did it could provide more information and another opinion.


  2. Yeah, it is definitely the version from the 70th Birthday Bundle. And I agree it sounds better (both sonically and performance wise) than the version on HO – which is merely great!

  3. I listened to both the Rolling Stone version and the Birthday bundle at the same time and they are the same.

    Only a handful of songs on the bundle are worth it, but of course a couple of them are “album only”, so I spent the 12 bucks… hell I have given the family trust thousands of dollars already, what’s another 12 bucks?

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