Richard Burke Photography – Frank Zappa

In the 1970s, Richard Burke had a small photography studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Recently, Burke rediscovered old negatives and has been scanning them. Most of them have never been seen. Images of Zappa, Jean-Luc Ponty, Sal Marquez and others (of course, we can forgive Burke for getting the dates and years wrong [it’s May 6th, 1973, at the Syria Mosque, Richard, not 1974] – he doesn’t have KUR’s database to fall back on).

Burke has been I have been posting the better images to his commercial site. The others he’s been posting to his blog. He also has some Zappa T-Shirts available for those interested in that sort of gift giving.

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3 thoughts on “Richard Burke Photography – Frank Zappa”

  1. [quote comment=”11435″]someone tell that man that that is george duke on his blog and not billy preston. don’t feel like starting a google account just to help him out.[/quote]
    Somebody did. Who the hell is Billy Preston?

  2. One more glaring error: The guitar player shown with Stanley Clarke is Ray Gomez, NOT Al Di Meola. If you are going to sell prints for around $100, you should at least get the info correct. I didn’t notice any Zappa-related errors.

  3. [quote post=”3725″]Somebody did. Who the hell is Billy Preston?[/quote]

    Billy Preston was a soulful keyboard/piano player who worked with the Beatles on the recordings that would become “Let it Be.” He had solo hits in the 70’s and worked with many groups throughout his life, including the Rolling Stones. He had some legal troubles and went to the big house in the 90’s (I think) and died in 2006.

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