RDNZL – The Truth

I honestly like those tiny little (previously unknown) factoids that time after time see the light of day and reveal something we did not know before. Here’s something I know you all were wondering about (just like I did), and this is one more reason why one should follow the ZPZ reviews:

Dweezil proved an easygoing frontman, (…) explaining song titles like “RDNZL,” pronounced Redunzel a contraction of redundant and Repunzel.

Finally. There were several guesses before, and the New Knowledge is already on the site Information Is Not Knowledge as well.

Author: Balint


7 thoughts on “RDNZL – The Truth”

  1. RALPH Humpries

    so with this revelation, we now have a term to distinguish Zappaspeak from Gailspeak (“redunzel”).

  2. I spoke to someone (I think Gail) about 18 years ago on the 818-PUMPKIN line. During the conversation I asked “what does R-D-N-Z-L stand for?” She said ‘It’s Redunzel which is a nickname Frank uses for Gail.’ (I think he was still around at the time.) I wasn’t aware this was a big debate or I would have shared this nugget long ago.

  3. As an aside, the original reason for my call to 818 was I had just read an article that described young Diva having catered lunch delivered to her at school every day. For some reason I found this unbelievable and slightly infuriating. I mean, what the hell? So after a couple beers I called the number and asked the question. Sure enough, the answer I got was ‘Yes, it’s true.’ The woman sounded offended that I would ask (another ‘I think it was Gail’ clue) so I sort of cheerfully changed the subject to the RDNZL question.

  4. During the introduction to this song in Houston (11/21), Dweezil stated the name derived from the license plate of a car Frank owned

  5. Could be dude. Although that conflicts with the explanation given by DZ at the Austin show. All I know is I asked the question and that was the answer I was given by the ‘experts’ at the hotline. She didn’t even pause before answering my question as if it was asked all the time.

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