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  1. By the way, the TV channel France 3 is a subsidiary of France Télévisions and FR3 is its former name.
    The Maison de Radio France is a concert hall which belongs to Radio France of the same company France Télévisions.

  2. Speaker: “The marriage of rock and classical music. It’s at the Présences festival at the Maison de Radio France. It begins tonight, and during 3 days, the

    contemporary music is paving new ways with, for instance, variations around the work of a musician of legend, Frank Zappa, interpreted by 3 orchestras. A

    news report by Pierre-Yves Salique with Nedim Loncarevic.”
    (The Perfect Stranger)
    Speaker: “Zappa, act I: This is the story of a slovenly housewife and a door-to-door salesman, a scenario written by Frank Zappa, a very serious work, and

    most of all very demanding.”
    Peter Eötvös: “This would require rehearsing during two weeks, nothing else than this (piece). But, it is impossible. Here we play very well. But it’s not

    the same perfection that I’ve heard from the groups of Zappa himself.”
    FZ: “Surprise.”
    Speaker: “The surprise was 25 years ago, this same repertoire played in world premiere, still in Paris. Zappa, the rocker, seduced Boulez, a discovery at the

    Pierre Boulez: “It is very curious to see how both worlds interpenetrate each other, because one comes from a completely different horizon, where practicing

    is more important than theory, I would say.”

  3. Speaker: “For Zappa, these two worlds were only one. Behind the guitar, or the stick, there was a composer.
    Act II, this weekend: ‘The Black Page’, full of notes, a very complex piece that can nonetheless be whistled under the shower.”
    (The Black Page)
    Florent Jodelet: “It’s the melodic side that touches me the most… the way one can play a music that is, at first, often heard as kind of a notes machine gun.”

  4. (Teen-Age Pr0st1tute?)
    Speaker: “Act III: Humor and sex, the universe of the great man with the mustache.”
    Walter Boudreau: “He’s always been giving the image of a sort of rocker taking dru9s. Zappa did not do dru9. The only dru9 he was having was cigarette and coffee. This is what killed him, actually. He was someone that, although looking like a biker, was a very serious composer.”
    (Teen-Age Pr0st1tute)
    Speaker: “Serious, funny, inventive. All these facets to be discovered this weekend at the House of Radio (France).”

  5. Thanks also from me, Maroual!

    And I like the imagination of Frank conducting with a LONG BREAD 😉


  6. Never thought about it, but it is fun to try to whistle the Black Page. Thanks Maroual! Way on Down!

  7. Does somebody know if we can listen to the concert (on 21st of december) via internet? Is it Radio of TV? Through what link?

    (Looked for half an hour on the French website, but cannot find a direct listening link..)

  8. I recorded in audience all 3 evenings and now are on Zappateers and Dime, look !
    Also the video news of France3 is on Zappateers in DVD quality.

    The first evening will be broadcasted on 21 december (I don’t know when for the 2 other evenings) on France Musique radio, and of course I will record this…

  9. bonjour ,gilles,!
    les concerts seront retransmis sur France Musique ??? en décembre mais quel jour ??

  10. Like I said in the previous message : le 1er concert le 21 décembre, les autres je ne sais pas encore.

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