Zappa Symphonies, Crowning Glory

The New Dutch Academy’s new Super Audio CD “Zappa Symphonies, Crowning Glory” (PentaTone) is available in The Netherlands from October 2009. (…)

With world premiere recordings of symphonies by Francesco Zappa, Graaf, Stamitz and Schwindl, the disc is the first to document the rich symphonic tradition of the 18th century Court of Orange in The Hague.

Hah! Hit it, Francesco!
CD from the New Dutch Academy, with sound samples.

Author: Balint


One thought on “Zappa Symphonies, Crowning Glory”

  1. Francesco, maybe now with the release of this new cd you’ll get some long over-due respect.
    Tell them, “I’m The Court Of Orange not The Son of Orange County!”.

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