Syracuse, Q & A (1975)

Frank Zappa, George Duke and Don Van Vliet respond to questions from an audience of post secondary students at Gifford Auditorium, Syracuse University, NY, on April 23rd, 1975.

They answer questions (Zappa mostly) about composing, difficulties of producing a movie (200 Motels), legal issues restraing an artist, magnet video tape technology (of the late 60s, early 70s), legal problems, artistic control, role of the producer, and Doubling instruments.

Not wanting to give too much away, these three following parts are very enlightening and well worth the listen:

Lecture/Interview pt1:
[audio:Lecture_Interview pt1.mp3]

Lecture/Interview pt2:
[audio:Lecture_Interview pt2.mp3]

Lecture/Interview pt3:
[audio:Lecture_Interview pt3.mp3]

(Total duration: Two hours)

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4 thoughts on “Syracuse, Q & A (1975)”

  1. This is amazing!! Like finding gold hidden in a cave………………..

    Can’t thank you enough!!

  2. Yeah – that was my Saturday afternoon. Would’ve liked to hear more from George. He seems to be holding back. He sticks up for higher education, though.

  3. This was great.

    After this, I listened to the one from KPFA,
    where they had the pledge drive.
    I let it play and listened to it as I was
    falling asleep in bed. Because of the decent
    quality of the recording – and because they
    were asking for money during the breaks –
    I actually forgot it wasn’t live, just for a few
    I was listening to Frank and I wasn’t remembering
    that he is dead. It felt very nice.

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