Meeting Mr. Zappa

A really nice story by Morgan Argen, from 1988:

When the Big Swifty theme came we left our seats, and walked backstage. After convincing one of the guards that we were about to go up and play with Frank, my next problem was I desperately needed to go to the toilet. I had lost the ability to feel needs like that – I had other things to think about. Another 5 min passed and I really had to go. I started to feel pain, I got totally confused; what would happen if Frank introduces us for 10 000 people, and I’m at the toilet unable to even hear him ?…

You might as well be interested in his other fine story called Being in Zappa´s Universe. Including some funny moments by Scott Thunes.

Author: Balint


2 thoughts on “Meeting Mr. Zappa”

  1. Great stuff, Balint. I really do like these personal recollections, especially by the persons involved. Mats & Morgan are incredible musicians in their own right. And those archival photos are fantastic, particularly the last one of them standing outside under the Zappa’s Universe marque (being a long time Zappa collector, those concerts are perhaps the only one’s remaining on my wish list).

  2. Well, how about that? Proof that Frank approved of tribute bands and places some value on them.

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