French FZ-Fans To Boycott ZPZ’s Paris Concert

This just in via Uni-Muta: French FZ fansite Les Fils de l’Invention are calling for a boycott of the upcoming ZPZ Concert in Paris. Translation:

Just after last month’s dismissal of the case of the ZFT against the Arf Society, the ZFT is back with a new complaint against the organisers of the Zappanale Festival. In order to:

  • react against this unreasonable juridical harassment
  • show solidarity with our friends
  • make it clear that we are determined to protect the works realised by organisations, artists and writers, who make sure that the works of Frank Zappa will not be forgotten,

we ask you TO BOYCOT the concert that Dweezil Zappa and his band ZpZ will be doing on the 18th of May at the ‘Olympia’ in Paris.

Wow… Meanwhile, this year’s edition of Zappanale is already starting to take shape.

11 thoughts on “French FZ-Fans To Boycott ZPZ’s Paris Concert”

  1. Okay, that’s IT!
    I’m not attending this year!
    (What a relief to my conscience to say that!)

  2. and the pot is boiling ……… via la diva:) who wants to play in paris anyhow , there is always a paris texas if paris france …………..
    i play out side of paris then ………………….

  3. The way I look at it… Could Dweez pass the audition for Frank’s band? I doubt it. So what exactly IS his claim to fame?

  4. [quote comment=”4476″]The way I look at it… Could Dweez pass the audition for Frank’s band? I doubt it. So what exactly IS his claim to fame?[/quote]
    I don’t think I buy into that argument… Calling Dweezil’s appearance on 2 different tours an act of fatherly indulgience might fly – until you consider the Name on the tour… And including his playing on recorded output?
    Your argument doesn’t last.
    I don’t drool over Dweez – but he CAN play a guitar. He’s not the composer his father was, that is apparent. But he is a good guitarist…
    (Btw, to further the argument’s demise, Frank stated in interview that he himself couldn’t pass an audition into his own band…)

  5. I like you Europeans! You ain’t the mindless sheep like us Americans are!
    Stupid americans will go to practically any concert where they can buy a beer and a t-shirt, and bring their cellphones and kiddies and say “we were there”–the music’s secondary–especially considering the bland music of Dweezil’s FZ project.
    I’ve had a personal boycott of ‘the family’ for years and won’t break it until the Roxy dvd comes out, or maybe a full show from 1973/1974.

  6. you should not boycott them on any grounds because of the roxy and elswhere dvd you should encourage there efforts if you think…….as we have a saying in germany you can catch with a drop a honey more bees then whit a barrel of vinegar ……….its like in amerika where your energy is being directed by media then you directing your out come…..
    boycott is a reaction which you have learned or shown your self………i rather direct my energy to a good thinking that roxy and elsewhere is going to come true one day ………………..your choice

  7. yeah ! And what about coming instead to The Grande Mothers show at Le Trabendo in Paris on oct. 31st ? This would really be a statement of boycotting ZPZ !

  8. I beg to differ. Dweezil is a good guitarist and a nice guy. So nice that he even loves his mother. But that doesn’t mean that he is his mother (or even father). I respect him for what he does on his own and with ZPZ.

  9. I agree with Sofa and Dark Clothes, fwiw. DZ is becoming quite the musical philosopher/analyst, has an excellent self-assessment of his playing, and he’s benefiting from something Frank only had in his early days — a long-standing band whose familiarity with the material continues to increase.

    The latest issue of Guitar Player has an extensive interview (cover story, no less) with DZ. If anyone wonders about his commitment, insight and humility, the interview should dispel any doubts.

    (And that PRS prototype he’s holding on the cover absolutely takes my breath away…..!)

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