The Forum Is Dead, Long Live The Forum!

As of this moment, the forum located at, has been shut down, although its archives can still be browsed. From its ashes, a new forum has arisen: Go register now!

For those interested, a couple of reasons why we made the move:

  • The old forum software had built up several security holes, the worst one of which allowed for mass, unmoderated registration attempts — this culminated in me having to turn off automatic registration altogether, leaving me with the chore of manually approving every single registration request.
  • The structure of the old forums was just too idiosyncratic. Give people too much options as to where they are to post their message, and they will stop in their tracks and not post at all — to become lurkers at best.
  • The new digs just plain look better (provided the color cyan does not give you seizures.)

So there you have it. If you’re at all interested at following KUR spin-off discussions, if you wish to promote your favorite underestimated band, if you want to chat about this or that TV or DVD series:

…and don’t forget to register.

4 thoughts on “The Forum Is Dead, Long Live The Forum!”

  1. I’m into as much deviant fun as the next slob, but all I can say is I hope all that legal binding doesn’t chaffe…

  2. I just have thin and sensitive skin is all…
    Probably from the Dutch ancestory.

  3. What makes one person lucky and one person unlucky? Some people seem to have all the luck. Some people think that lucky people seem to have similar traits of personality. The “Lucky” person is usually the one with the positive attitude.
    Everybody, please, share your opinions: what does luck in gambling depend from?

  4. What makes one person lucky and one person unlucky? A positive attitude? I don’t think so. It’s all pure chance whether or not a person is “lucky” or “unlucky” regardless of what attitude either possesses.

    Whenever someone walks into a casino, from the instant they enter the door, they are being manipulated by “the house”. Regardless of how that person feels, or his attitude or worldview, it is “the house” who always wins. From co-opting one’s concept of the passage of time by keeping lights dim, and exciting the brain with constantly flashing lights, it’s a wonder anyone leaves with a dollar in their pocket.

    Luck in gambling? BS. It’s all illusion. To keep you coming back to lose even more of your hard earned money. That governments endorse gambling and casinos wholeheartedly should really be telling you something about the people you are dealing with, frankly.

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