Tuesday Mix: The Golden Era

Let your mind drift back fellow Zappa freaks to that Golden Era of Zappadom: the 1970s. During that decade he did his most prolific touring, began recording his live shows almost religiously, and produced some of the most successful and iconoclastic albums of his career. One might even say the 70s were Zappa’s zenith. It was the blueprint set down during this decade — through his live music, his albums, song lyrics and interviews — which laid down the foundation for the Frank Zappa mythos.

When compiling this particular mixtape, I decided to divide the tracks into suites of songs from individual performances (where possible) instead of just individual tracks (here or there). This way you get a much better feel of the live Zappa experience (the only thing better, of course, is having actually been there in person). There are quite a number of treats and surprises, both for the Zappa newbie as well as the Zappa diehard.

First there was the Mudshark, now there’s the Don PardoDo the Don Pardo, Barry!

Click here to listen to the mixtape (Be prepared, KUR-meisters, it’s another BIG one).

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Author: urbangraffito

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Mix: The Golden Era”

  1. Thanks Urban, it brings back my fond memories of the Friday boot! Also it prepares me for my first time seeing Ed Mann live with P/O tonight, can’t wait.

  2. I’m attending Friday night’s show. I’m most interested to hear what Don & Ed bring to P/O (heard them with Ike before).
    The way I see it, Barry…

  3. I saw them with Don, he was 70 and in great shape. He did not seem to be quite up to speed on the stuff after his time with frank though(72?), maybe he will prove me wrong tonight. I think that maybe his thing is “noodling” and not “stunt” piano. He was a very nice man though, I spoke with him after the show and he did not seem to be too annoyed with how much beer I drank.

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