¡Hola Lucas!

Some nine months ago, Dr Sharleena and I hatched a cunning plan. It looked something like this:

lucas echo

As of yesterday morning at 9:42 am, upon some seven hours of labour, here’s what our plan looks like:

lucas newborn

World: meet Lucas! More pictures here.

Mother and child are doing fine. The father is dog tired and will probably not be posting as frequently as he’s used to, for the time being…

32 thoughts on “¡Hola Lucas!”

  1. hey…congratulations…..best wishes to the mom,dad..and baby….it’s a wonderful happening!!!!! PEACE!!!

  2. Nice job Dr. S & Barry! 7 hours of labor! Sharleena, you poor girl. That’s one cute baby, though. Well worth almost a full (work) day of pushing.
    Now get some sleep you two, before the next feeding . . . Ugh! . . . too late! Don’t worry I heard a rumour that uninterrupted sleep is very over-rated.

  3. een welgemeend proficiat voor papa, mama en lucas. Je ziet dat deze baby met plezier gemaakt werd!

  4. It’s the beginning of an incredible adventure, Barry and Sharl, which only gets better with the passage of time. Don’t fret about posting in the short term: I’m sure we can all pitch in until Lucas is sleeping through the night…

  5. i obviously don’t personally know you guys but i am very glad for you two. i remember last year was a hard one perhaps in this regards and i just want to acknowledge that and wish the three of you all the bestest!!!

  6. ¡Felicidades!

    Y que a ustedes como a mi les traiga momentos emocionantes y visitas o llamadas al medico a altas horas de la noche por cosas perfectamente normales



    And for you, just like happend to me, this baby brings a lot of exciting moments and visits or phone calls to the MD very late at night for things that are perfectly usual

    Enjoy him!

    (Sorry if my english is not so good, hope you understand my words)

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