“Smash-Flop” Return: Zappa’s Grubby Chamber!

Our pal Kevin Hoover once again hits the airwaves on Friday with his Zappa infused radio show “Zappa’s Grubby Chamber”:

Apart from the Frank musicks, I have a few other special moments planned, and they mainly consist of non-Frank items that I know in my heart will appeal to Zappa fans. This is Radio Without The Rules, y’know. Besides, what’re they gonna do, fire me?

Talking points (hah!) will be Russ Stedman, Ween’s newest release, La Cucaracha, as well as an “extracurricular” interview with Bryan Beller, whom we know of Beer For Dolphins and Mike Keneally fame. Be sure to tune in at 104.3/104.7 FM, or online at khum.com this Friday at 10 PM local time.

2 thoughts on ““Smash-Flop” Return: Zappa’s Grubby Chamber!”

  1. Thanks, Barry.

    Just want to point out that I’m only sitting in for our regular host, Mark Scatchard, who does the Zen Through Zappa show every Friday. And a fine job he does, too. He’s on tour with a band this week.

    It’s really neat that in this day and age that a radio station is willing to support a Zappa music show right there on Friday night, when they probably should be playing more industry-standard material.

  2. I’ll be tuning in, most definitely. Any way you think about it, Zappa’s Universe includes a lot of interesting people, material and music.

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