Mono Villegas

Largely unknown outside Argentina, Enrique “Mono” Villegas (born 1913) is one of those jazz originals whose talent easily levels the likes of Bill Evans.

Enrique Mono Villegas

Because of his Argentine background, Columbia Records conveniently hired him in the early 50s for some Latin fused music, and he ended up producing two albums with them. The third album turned out to be a problem, mainly because Columbia insisted that he perpetuate the Latin cliché — chachacha, meringue. Enrique “Mono” refused.

While in Cleveland in 1957, he first heard the music of Duke Ellington. Villegas strongly identified and went on record to say:

We never repeat the music — even if we play the same songs. We’re convinced that jazz, as a conversation, should be spontaneous.

Just one delicious tune for your listening pleasure, entitled “Rosita”:


Villegas passed away in 1986. His music lives on. If you’re interested, there are some amazing out of print vinyls available online.

Have a great weekend all.

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  1. Thanks for this delicious tune, Barry. I’d really like to hear more of this, and other slightly obscure musicians like Enrique “Mono” Villegas on KUR. Anyone else concur?

  2. Lovely way to start the weekend. I specifically liked the heavy minor chords the last minute. Thanks!

  3. [quote post=”479″]one of those jazz originals whose talent easily levels the likes of Bill Evans.[/quote]

    Lovely indeed but I’m not sure I can agree with this! Many thanks for sharing, though.

  4. this may sound as a Angry Rant but really it incites you to learn something outside your country.

    Please buy a Globe and learn something about my country. Its very down under and it is quite cold! We dont feel Latin at all, we are a country made of European decents, We dont have MARACAS we dont Speak the same language as the rest of South america we accent things very differently.

    Please Dont Compare Argentina to Any other part of SOUTH america, were as different from our neighbouring countrys as Turkey (the country ) is diffrent From Europe.

    If you want to come here and see why we are diffrent you are welcome to do so. Many Americans and Europeans come here and become dazzeld by the women, the culture, the people, and the prices.

    If you want to see our culture then read Borges, or Cortazar. If you want to hear our rock then listen to Sumo, Luis alberto Spinetta or Charly Garcia.

    I love my country and I wouldnt live in any other place!

    I am very proud you know about this man and his music please contine this!


  5. Well it certainly does sound like an angry rant but in the end you ask Barry to continue this (?).
    I don’t get why you feel so angry, really. And where do you see in this post Barry is comparing Argentina with other countries from South America? By the way what’s your problem with those other countries?

    For your information Barry doesn’t need a globe to know about Argentina; he’s been there, he lives with me (I am argentine) and he knows a whole lot about this country because of that. And not everything is wonderful, mind you…

  6. Well it dose sound very contradictory.. and yeah not everything is wonderfull. Its that I dislike very much that type of stereotypeing. I may have over reacted.

    Sorry. I foused the coment very badly.
    I will try to limit myself in the future.

    P D the globe wasnt directed towards Barry, it was for the general public. I may be categorizing to much thinking that the vast mayority of the people in this webpage have little knowlege of my country.

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