6 thoughts on “Richard Wright 1943-2008”

  1. A great musician greatly missed. Richard Wright, along with FZ, was very much part of the soundtrack of my life. Thanks for the music.

  2. A tragic loss, aside from Syd, he was my favorite muscian in Pink Floyd. His songwriting and playing were highly underrated and his solo albums are quite catchy. It was a shame that he didnt produce more music- go on and listen to “Us and Them” and “The Great Gig in the Sky”- dig how he set the tone for that whole work.

    No more Pink Floyd reunions, not even the partial ones they’ve been warming up to.

  3. I didn’t even know he was ill, so this is a shock.

    Growing up, I knew Pink Floyd through that brilliant ‘Live At Pompeii’ film, and Rick Wright was the first face/voice I heard on “Echoes.” Such a drag.

  4. RIP Rick. A great musician and songwriter for Floyd. Now we’ll never see the Wright/Waters/Gilmour/Mason powerhouse onstage ever again. My best friend is a big Floyd fan and he’ll be very upset.

  5. On September 16th, the living saga of the Floyd officially ended.

    I was very saddened when I heard of Rick’s passing. To me, he was probably the most integral part of the infinity that is the Pink Floyd sound, an opinion that majority of listeners don’t hold. No one played organs like this man. He was a wonderful musician with a lovely singing voice, and a very solid writer.

    May he Rest in Peace.

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