The Be-Bop Bass Notes: Tom Fowler Interview

The audition was very simple. He had me play a couple of odd muted things and groove for a while, and then he said ‘OK, you’re it’. That was a really good band. I then just did Frank’s stuff for a few years until I broke my hand in the middle of a tour which was my downfall. We were playing football and I broke this bone right in the middle of the tour in Dayton, Ohio.

A nice, long interview with one of the best bass players ever (from the great site Recorded in 1996 – it was still new to me.

Author: Balint


2 thoughts on “The Be-Bop Bass Notes: Tom Fowler Interview”

  1. Tom is one of the great FZ players… he had a groove and feel like somebody just being really laid back and relaxed like in Little Feat or something, yet could play all the fast little notes in that way as well. Cool interview to read from him.

  2. I wish we had some specific examples of things Frank’s band came up with that Frank adopted as part of “Inca Roads.”

    Since I read the interview, with whatever spare brain cycles I can spare as I go about my everyday business, I’ve been deconstructing the song to theorize what parts he’s talking about.

    Tom, if you’re reading, maybe you could offer some detail.

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