Of Foo Fighters, Michael Bolton & Julian Colbeck

Quick trip to the library this morning to grab some CD’s and DVD’s. Among the items we brought back: Foo Fighters‘ “One By One“. When I popped that disc in the Mac for a quick listen, here’s what appeared in iTunes:

foo fighters - michael bolton

Now, unless this is a one off fuck-up (highly unlikely), there must be thousands of last.fm subscribers that don’t know the first thing about mp3 tagging, scrobbling this Foo Fighters album, thereby effectively spreading the message that they love Michael Bolton. Thanks for the LOL Dave.

In other news, I got my hands on “yet another” Frank Zappa biography (thx bernard), imaginatively titled “Zappa: A Biography“, by Julian Colbeck. This one’s interesting as it was written in 1987 — that is to say: while Zappa was still alive (and about to kick off the ’88 tour). FZ-fans seem to have received it with disdain at the time (“useless“), however I quite like this particular bio. Its lack of pretension is refreshing — the book presents a “matter-of-fact” overview of Zappa’s life and music without going into minute detail (I’m looking at you, Miles). In all: a great introduction into Planet Zappa for The Young Sophisticate.

Right, well having said that, we’re off to watch:

* Yes of course we’ve seen these before. Jeez!

2 thoughts on “Of Foo Fighters, Michael Bolton & Julian Colbeck”

  1. Way back in 1974- 75 ( my guess) I like La Grande Bouffe very much when I saw it. It happened to be forbidden friut, as it was considered being a porno movy by the self declared serious people.

    Whow, that’s more than 30 years ago. I’m growing old.
    What do I remember?
    – The house where they were eating all the time and the meat hanging in the trees.
    – The woman, as fat as courageous.
    – Marcello Mastroianni, he was a pilot, I remember, playing his useual role as sex symbol during the first 30 minutes of the movy and then going down as a big zero ( standing upright in his open sportscar) MM was able not to take himself too seriously, playing role which presented him as exactly the opposite of what he was famous for. Great artist.
    – And most of all my beloved actor Philippe Noiret, who – right then- seemed to be rehearsing for his fantatic role in ” Coup De Torchon”, ie another zero.

  2. The mirror image ( i e the same ├índ very different-) of the film La Grande Bouffe ( an Italian film) was made by Bunuel.:” Le charme discret de la bougeoisie”( from Spain).

    That’s not about people eating themselves to death.
    It’s about people sitting (1) in a circle and (2) on toilets.
    As soon as they felt the need to eat they had to raise their hand and ask for permission to go the the ” small room ” where a lot of food was available, enabling them to take their role up again on the very public toilets.

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