Big Swifty — Up To Old Tricks

I was surfing the info highway when I came upon another fine example of what’s up with Berger Kahn, who hires them, and the sort of services that they provide their most important clients. Click here for more.

Author: urbangraffito

I am a writer, editor, publisher, philosopher, and foole (not necessarily in that order). Cultural activist and self-described anarchist.

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  1. I happen to be an eonomist. Sorry ’bout that. And way back in the old days at the university I focused on economic history.
    No scholar ever focused on the history of the relationship music – money. That sort of investigation might offer a clue.

    However, what I know about France ( practise & legislation ) is :
    1527: music publishing receives privilege of exclusive right to profit from copying works (making new material copies, i.e., scores). Royal power shifts to music publishers.

    1703: Music publishers denied indefinite copyright.

    1708: Composers denied the right to self-publish and to control copyright income.

    1744: Decentralization of publishing as publishers outside Paris granted equal status with those in Paris.

    1786: Initial ownership assigned to composers; publishers have rights only if so assigned by composers; all other publication subject to fines.

    1846: the appearance of the café concert.

    1849: popular songs awarded same status as serious music. Its composers can collect fees for its performance.

    1850: creation of first association to collect royalties on all music

  2. Does anyone else find it interesting who the zft is getting into bed with (aka. business associates, legal representation), and then they talk about being so “concerned” about a certain composer’s legacy. I can’t figure exactly which orifice they’re speaking out of…

  3. bernard, it is good, that you wrote down these historical events according to royalties, popular songs etc.! FZ himself always said, that he believes in capitalism. It´s quite true in his terms – you have to.

  4. “cybersquatting?” Did Mr. Sloan (esq.) really say “cybersquatting?”

    This would all be a lot more interesting if the parties involved were wearing brightly colored capes and masks. It would also be a lot more interesting if this was taking place in a ring surrounded by a 10′ high chain link fence, or perhaps in a vat of (human) “mud.”

    Anyone with me on this?

  5. Worst of the worst, ” taking place in a ring surrounded by a 10′ high chain link fence, or perhaps in a vat of (human) “mud”

    You got it. That’s another sort of picture to explain the issue.

    Original is : The fight between carnival ( the joyfull) and lent ( the central scrutiners).

    Just draw a diagonal line trough the painting and you’ll notice the difference between both. The joyfull and the men in black.

  6. I have a funny feeling Burger King..sorry Berger Kahn!…are gonna land a large cheeseburger on the Zappanale before it even gets off the ground!

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