Twenty Idiot Bastard Sons

A cool project if ever I seen one:

Says The Idiot Bastard:

Throughout 2007, this Idiot Bastard, in conjunction with Cordelia Records, was busy putting together a CD of 20 different versions of Frank Zappa’s The Idiot Bastard Son to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the release of the album it first appeared on (We’re Only In It For The Money). Well, we didn’t quite manage to get it together in time, but it’s now finally available.

Contributors include Project/Object, Bogus Pump Orchestra and The Wrong Object — to name but a few.

Oh, and then of course there’s The Idiot Bastard Son #21 — not part of the compilation I’m happy to report.

Small cigar, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Twenty Idiot Bastard Sons”

  1. Interesting compilation! I just remembered a version Sting made on stage in 1988, there is an unofficial recording of it, I might upload it somewhere sometimes. This Sting version was fine, with piano accompaniment.

  2. A mighty fine collection, Barry.

    Re: IBS #21. Did I hear right, “Throw out the inaugural bitch”? Where was Laura? George W. must’ve ate it her with mustard and onions.

  3. Aha, good to see that FZ continues his musical life and that things proceed, in a deconstructed way.

    By the way I just rediscovered a CD ( that I bought in a second hand store in Brussels years ago) in my collection.
    “Oh no”
    From a group called BONNEN ( Köln / Germany).
    Bonnen spielt FZ
    Alle Kompositionen from 67 – 68.

  4. [quote comment=”420″]Here’s Sting’s version! I like it, it’s fine!!![/quote]

    Thanks, Balint. I’ve been trying to track this gem down for quite a time. Now, tell me, where’s the rest of the show?

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